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13 avril 2009

The new Obama dog Bo much discussed on Twitter

In the US more than everywhere else, politics is also a show: the White house is currently broadcasting the presidential Easter egg hunt. And a non-written rule says that president must have an animal. Once elected, Barack Obama respected the tradition and has welcome monday a potuguese waterdog named «Bo».

The web likes animal: think about lolcats. So no surprise that US Twitter users have their say on the new first dog. It gave us the idea of a twitter map showing US tweets about our friend Bo.

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27 février 2009

Crisis maps #4: looking for hidden jobs

Employement figures keep on collapsing. For people seeking for a job, one problem is that new jobs aren't always made public. A french news website, Jobetic, has decided to create a map couting all created jobs that have not been made public: cart@jobs.

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20 février 2009

Has the atlantis been found via Google maps

Vue d'artiste de l'Atlantide. Photo Flickr CC/Eusezio

You find so many things on Google maps and Google earth. Sometimes, you can find alleged treasures. But here, it's much greater this time. According to controversial tabloid The Sun, it's about one of the most popular myth: Atlantis.

14:50 update: in fact, this is not Atlantis. We explain you why.

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18 février 2009

Crisis maps #3: a french map reaching over a million visits



Un tag prenant le parti d'en rire./Photo Flickr Kikozbien

French news website Mediapart has started a social crisis map in France. Five month later, the map has reached more than a million visits. A performance that defintely worth including it in our crisis maps.

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16 février 2009

Two people escape from french jail in Moulins [timespace]

On sunday, two people escaped from Moulins-Yzeure jail, in France. They've not been caught by the police at the time we write. We will be following this whole story with a home-made time space.

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12 février 2009

Google traffic now available in France

It had to happen.After its launch in the US and UK, Google traffic function, is now available for France.

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Peer-to-peer download: a real time map of Pirate Bay's connexions

Today in 20minutes.fr, we're talking about recent movies the are available for download on the web. As a complement, here's a map released by a leader in the peer-to-peer universe, The Pirate Bay. It tracks users connected to the site in real time.

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11 février 2009

Crisis maps #2: foreclosure victims witness

Second episode of our Crisis maps serial - which is defintely gonna be a long one. Some US associations have launched recently a participative map to let the subprimes victims have their say.
Post updated on Feb 12 with a USA Today map

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